Birthday: 20 Sept

Star Sign: Virgo and very typicalone at that.

Where did you grow up:Clydach... in the Swansea valleys

Nationality: British

Occupation: Curator

Adrian what's your favourite?

Food: Cakes, cakes and more cakes

Drink: Champagne

Singer/ Band: At the moment Imelda May

Musical: Sweet Charity or anything Fosse.

TV Show: Got to Dance series II of course!!  Can’t believe you asked that question...

Place: London, New York, LA, Paris

Holiday destination: Anywhere I’ve not been already



When and where did you start dancing?

I started dancing when I was about 5 or 6.  My grandad was a classical musician and my home was filled with fantastic music all the time I was growing up.  I would prance around, jumping up and down like a mad thing.  I started dancing properly when I was in my early teens – a friend asked me to go with her to an aerobics class at a new dance studio that had opened near our village .  I agreed on condition we could do a dance class too.

The aerobics class was OK, the jazz dance class was BRILLIANT, the unfortunate thing was that after two hours of exercise my legs were like rubber and, as I left the studio, I fell down the stairs only just saving myself from going the whole way down by grabbing a handful of my friend’s hair, leaving her with a slightly bloody bald patch!  She didn’t go back to the dance studio... but I did, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, plus my ballet classes, youth dance classes and so on from then until I moved to London!

Your Favourite Dance: Hmm... tricky one.  I like all sorts of dance from classical ballet to streetdance.  If we’re talking favourite Latin and Ballroom dance it has to be rumba, with Argentine Tango a close second..

What is your worst fear?  Loneliness

What is your earliest memory?  Sitting next to my granddad at the piano with his left arm wrapped round me as he played... the music flowed through him, down his arms, around me and out of the piano.  Such a shame I can’t play a note...

Which celebrity do you/ did you have a crush on?  I’m a realist... I don’t allow myself to crush on someone I’m unlikely to have a chance of getting my hands on.

What makes you unhappy?  Lack of options.

What's your greatest achievement?  I think it’s yet to come.

If you were an animal which one would you be? A dolphin... I’ve always wanted to do that leaping out of the water thing they do.

What's the worst job you have done? I worked as a cleaner for a rich family with two kids.  I spent most of my days there picking up semi-broken toys, trying to find lost jigsaw pieces, picking up small items of clothing and putting those into a vast washing machine, cleaning the many bathrooms, the kitchen, the lounge, ironing shirts (‘inside and outside, plus starch both sides please’) and returning the next day to do it ALL again.  Respect to those housewives, househusbands or house-partners who do this 24/7!!  I did the best I could to make them fire me... which they did within a month!

What would you save from a fire? Myself and any other person.  Objects or things, possessions etc., I would cry for but not grieve.

If you could travel back in time which era would you go to and why?  I don’t want to go backwards... I want to go forward.  What’s gone is gone.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Late Sunday afternoons, the setting sun and with the volume up very loud for Schumann’s Du bist wie eine blume or Pärt’s Spiegel im Spiegel and crying my eyes out!  I like a good cry now and again but need something excruciatingly beautiful to push me over the edge.

If you have a super power what would it be? Teleportation (myself and things).  If I have to suffer another delayed or cancelled flight or another 5 hour stopover I’m going to go stark raving bonkers.

If you could edit your past what would you change? Nothing, my past has brought me to where I am now and made me who I am.  So I’m fine with it.

What's your most embarrassing moment?

Has to be my first dance performance when I was a teenager.  It was nervous, VERY nervous, but kind of confident too... I knew the choreography inside out and backwards.  Lights came up, intro’ started... but err... hold on, the music was fading in, I couldn’t hear it.  I missed my cue totally!

I didn’t want to run on late and try and pick up the routine a few counts in, it would look very odd, so the Director decided to cut the music, black out the stage, reset the lights and music and start all over.  I was SO embarrassed I almost didn’t go on a second time.  One of the other dancers gave me a shove to get me out of the wings. 

Tell us a secret: Tim isn’t really my twin sister.